Here is what people are saying about our studio
Simone McMahon


Dear Miss Courtney,


My sister and I dance here on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  I would like to take this time and tell you how very grateful I am for the work that you, your Mother and your staff have done to make this studio a warm and inviting place to all who attend.  This past year I have gone through some hard things, and along with my theater company, coming to dance was the thing I looked forward to most.  Seeing everyone’s smiling faces was what kept me up.  I also wanted to share that We share a very common love:  PERFORMING.  I can’t explain the thrill, which I’m sure you understand, that I have when I’m on stage.  Thank you all so very much for everything!


Simone McMahon
Student age 14



Hey Courtney!


Just wanted to share with you that I took my first ballet class as an adult tonight at a studio in Providence. Wow! So intense! It's like riding a bike. It all came back to me. I received compliments from my fellow classmates about what a beautiful dancer I am and what nice arms I have - my instructor said that my "previous studio trained me well!" - I said you're damn right they did!! So, again, just wanted to share. I missed ballet - so glad I found a good studio nearby with great instruction. Thank you! <3


JPADA forever.




Corinne Soboleski




Miss Courtney,


Thank you and all the staff for making Avery's 1st year of dance such an enjoyable one! We had a great experience with Miss Cheryl and look forward to many more years with you all.We really enjoyed the VIP seating! Thanks so much!!! I never win ANYTHING, so this was a  wonderful suprise!


Liz McQuatters



I would like to thank the Academy staff for another excellent recital.  I had 9 family members attend; 4 at the Saturday morning show and 5 at the Sunday evening performance.  All I heard from them was compliment after compliment!  Not only of Jenna’s improvement in her dancing ability, but also how wonderful the entire show was.  2 of the people that attended were children 9 and 6 years of age, the show held their interest the entire time, and that in itself says a lot!  The dancing and choreography of the show is simply incredible! 


Jenna danced at another studio for 5 years prior to coming to yours.  We are very happy we made the decision to switch to your studio.  Over the past 3 years, Jenna’s dancing has improved tremendously!!  Her passion for dance is stronger than ever!  Jenna is very dedicated, she did not miss one dance class all year!  She absolutely loved assistant teaching, and she wants to do it again next year!  Jenna really enjoys all that your studio has to offer…we are looking forward to another fantastic year!


Thank you Academy Team for a job well done!!!!


The Paul Family 



Hello Courtney,


I am not going to call and leave my usual message seeing I can do it through email.  I enjoyed the recital so much and love the positive examples the studio has given my girls.  I believe in always being nice and this year in particular I feel those values came shining through.  I am proud to be a part of the Judyth Parks Academy of Dance and look fondly on my last 16 years and look forward to the years to come. 


Thank you again






Dear Miss Courtney,


What a great show!!! It was awesome! We really enjoyed that. Thank you for you and all staff the hard work. We as parents really appreciate it. I think I don't have to tell you more, than when we came home at 10 o'clock, my daughter said "I can't wait till September because then dance starts again". She was so excited. Do we need more than that?! It is amazes me to see your mom year by year how she dedicated to all those work what probably nobody wants to do. (glue the pieces, answer all the questions, and do whatever it takes to make things work and make everybody happy). And you Miss Courtney; I love to watch you when any of the students around you. Your smile tells them even if you don't say a word how much you love and care about all of them. We love all the teachers.


Thank you again and have a wonderful Spring and Summer.


Ildiko (Kata's mom)





I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a wonderful dance season.  My three girls enjoyed the season and the recital immensely. I enjoy having something that we can all be a part of.  I hope I am making memories with them they will have forever.  The friendships they are making are so important, and the older girl, as well as the teacher role models have been such a positive influence.  As a family, we appreciate all you do and are happy to continue with The Southington Academy of Dance and Music.


Sincerely yours,

Hope Stanford



Just thought you should family and friends truly enjoyed the show!  You and your staff are amazing!! We were so happy to be a part of an amazing weekend!!







Dear Miss Courtney, Miss Judie and staff,


Congratulations on 50 wonderful years in business.  Quite an accomplishment for any business, but really exceptional for a business connected with the Arts!  I was sitting in the audience at the Saturday afternoon performance and thinking of what a positive influence you all have had on the lives of THOUSANDS of Wallingford youths.  Who else can claim that?  And of course the presence you bring to the downtown is wonderful!


Thank You

Candy Grana
President, Board of Directors
Wallingford Center, Inc.


Academy of Dance and Music Faculty,


We haven’t been active parents at the Academy and perhaps you thought we wouldn’t notice the quality of the program.  Not so!  I feel  I’ve become a bit of an expert on local-lessons, as we have relocated so often. We’ve been very glad for Rebecca to participate with your program these last 3 years. 


Because the program is family owned and run we’ve seen respect for individual needs, respect for parents, a sense of community and camaraderie that goes beyond THE SHOW.  In fact, we’ve been glad that the emphasis has been on growing rather than competing, on learning rather than producing.  Thank you for providing a good quality dance program that also reflects the right values!!


We wish you well in the future as our daughter is graduating, and will, indeed, encourage Rebecca to keep in touch.



Demitra Wilder




I honestly don’t even know where to begin with the things I could say to you all .  The past 14 years have meant so much to me.  I found my passion and I made the best friends I could ever ask for.  The bond that we all have within the studio is one of a kind. Thank you all for giving me all of this, thank you all for always being there, and thank you for being some of the most incredible people I know.  I only hope that one day I will be as lucky as you are to live a life I have always dreamed; dancing everyday with my closest friends.  I realize that I am taking a part of the studio with me to pursue my future.  Thank you for all the wonderful role models, the wonderful lessons and for the never ending support and education.  You all have helped me to be the person I am today.


Thank you.



Jen Bush
Graduating senior



Dear Faculty and Staff,


When our 2 daughters began lessons with you in your acclaimed Diaper Darling program, little did we know,  we were joining a family as well.  At the ripe old age of 17 months, our twins were exposed to the most talented, nurturing, and truly genuine group of role models my husband and I could ever possibly imagine.  Every year the curriculum expanded their potential, the staff welcomed them, (and us), into your very special “Academy Family”, and our girls made some of the best friends of their lives. 


They learned how to follow direction, how to be proud of their accomplishments and how to work on always doing your best.  Chloe and Jada are now in their 3rd year at NYU studying dance under some of the most prominent instructors in the world.


They have been well prepared in the field of dance, and their technical training is direct reflection of your standards with staffing it’s Direction.  But of equal importance, our little girls who grew up at the Academy were molded into beautiful young women with the grace and poise necessary to take on any challenge with assertiveness and courage.  We believe “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”, and we are so thankful our girls found you!  We think of you all often and wanted to keep you posted on their progress, which we feel you deserve so much credit for.  Hello to All.


Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Spindler