Why Choose Us For Dance Classes?


How can you assure that your child is learning and improving their dance skills?


At the Academy of Dance and Music every student is placed in an age and skill appropriate class.  Each class has a specific curriculum, where our faculty is required to devise lesson plans that reflect developmental stages.

How important is the environment of a dance studio?


The Academy of Dance and Music strives for professional attitudes from all staff.  We take pride in the fact that our choreography, music, and costumes are age appropriate and in good taste. Students are required to follow a dress code, and appropriate behavior and language is closely monitored. We believe the role models in your children’s lives are most important. Our academy is committed and dedicated to providing positive, encouraging, and nurturing role models for students of all ages. We recognize every age requires a different criteria for learning, however, all age groups benefit from the successful formula we’ve used since 1957 – old fashioned TLC in a disciplined, educational, fun environment. We believe it is not “just about dance”. It is about teaching children to feel good about themselves.  

What is our customer service philosophy?


In order to have a positive experience it is important to choose a studio that can assist you with details like costumes or schedules, even if the teacher is occupied in a class. Our Academies have office staff working during regular class times to immediately assist students and parents.  Thus, teachers do not interrupt or take away class time for customer service issues.  Phone calls and emails are also answered promptly.

What extras are required for the year-end production?


Most studios present a recital in a local auditorium. Some costumes for this recital may be incomplete or require parents to sew and alter them. The Academy of Dance and Music employs a professional seamstress to sew and finish all costumes.


It is also not unusual for studios to charge admission to rehearsals and to charge students a recital fee.  Our Academy does not charge an admission fee to any dress rehearsals.  In fact, we encourage family attendance and welcome cameras and video use during the rehearsals.  We certainly do not charge our students to perform in their production!

What is the experience and reputation of the studio?


The Academy of Dance and Music enjoys over 50 consecutive years of expertise and growth. We offer comprehensive dance programs for all ages, "Diaper Darlings" to Adults. The Academy of Dance and Music expands beyond traditional dance classes. Information is also available for voice and piano lessons, exercise programs, summer workshops and dance camps.

Year End Production


Our Academy prides itself on many things.  One highlight is our yearend production.  We do not use the term dance recital, because our shows are more than a review of the year’s hard work.  Our productions employ themes, props, and set design coupled with music, costuming, and lighting, which feature all performers in a professional, age-appropriate, entertaining environment.  They are exciting, respectful in content, and extremely organized.   We are consistently complimented on the professionalism of each yearend PRODUCTION.


Ask any dance school, dance studio or ballet academy in Southington or Wallingford these questions and you will see why more families choose our studio each year than any other. After browsing this site please call us with any questions you may have about getting the most out of your dance experience.

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